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Welcome to rikschaguide.com. Your city experience with the e-rickshaw. Choose your city and book a private tour with your rickshaw guide or use our booking app. rikschaguide.com guarantees a flawless experience. Organized single and group tours for up to 100 guests.

Your city experience with the e-rickshaw.

rikschaguide.com offers city tours with e-rickshaws, providing a unique perspective of your city. Experience unforgettable moments as you explore with us.

Booking a tour with us is hassle-free. Simply contact your rickshaw guide via call or WhatsApp directly through rikschaguide.com. Choose your city, connect with your rickshaw guide, and secure your experience effortlessly.

Discover the city’s highlights comfortably and leisurely aboard an e-rickshaw, away from the typical tourist paths. With our private tours, you’ll venture further, see more, and receive insider tips from your knowledgeable guide.

Prefer a hands-off approach? Use the rikschaguide.com booking app for a quick reservation in under 2 minutes, complete with confirmation and free 24-hour cancellation before the tour. Trust us to ensure your experience is perfect.

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